Category: Artworks

Aluminium study

In 1993 for the CENTAUR project, here some Aluminium quick sketch models to imagine futuristic vehicle and produce drawings

Wire faces

Patjiro sculpture in metal wire Copper, Brass or Iron, one line in space just like single line a drawing…

Centaur Project

This car sculpture is influenced by the sculptor Alberto Giacometti and the thirties. It has a top chassis like a bridge. While driving in a glass cockpit like…

Citroen V project

Citroen V, (Ville et Voyage 1992/1994) to be the next 2cv. The car is to be used in cities or during long journeys with the family. The seat back tilt to create a…

Little racer sketches

Little racer sketches…on A3 paper

Vis à Vie Project

Vis à Vie, (1992) Vehicle bipolar, between a car and a motorbike to be driven alone or attached…

sculptural AUDI

AUDI sponsored project 1993: all metal sheets vehicle to rethink the usual moulding design process. Here, the sheets are directly folded by robots as an alternative industrial process (no…

Stroke of light car

Car side in 2 lines dancing together just like calligraphy where a sign is the combination of few strokes in a very movement.