With an experience at HONDA design, here some few examples with a special care for the modelling phase.
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hommage to tube type car, quick sketch

Lamborghini coupe, quick sketch

Centaur project , 1/4 scale model and presentation imageCar sculpture with a chassis like a bridge, while driving you can see the external parts of the car as well as the environment


patclay22d700 copy

for more on CENTAUR PROJECT click here

Citroen V, 1/4 scale model, sketches
The letter V for Ville et Voyage, this is a city car also able to run during long journeys with the family, cable steering column for left, right or central driving to drive anywhere in the world!



for more on the CITROEN V PROJECT click here

Vis à vie, 1/4 scale model and sketches
Vehicle bipolar, between a car and a motorbike to be driven alone or attached…


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Audi sponsored project, metal scale model
central driving position sport car

Land Rover sponsored project, 1/4 scale model and sketches
Land Rover Defender for Africa, Active central driving position and central chassis, semi amphibious car.


New Mini Rover, Sketches with pastel and markers
This Mini is based on a structural chassis with drawers to put luggages on the side of the car in petrol mode, it can be electric as well while using the storage to put batteries inside.


Futuristic 24 hours Le Mans Racing car, Drawing on Coloured Canson paper


Italian sport car, Sketches with pastel and markers