Stylisme automobile, 2 roues, Bateau, Architecture, Bijou, Graphisme VEHICLE DESIGN, BOAT, ARCHITECTURE, JEWELLERY, GRAPHIC DESIGN Challenge new ideas for films or for real, Please contact us if you need a sketch or some styling advice with a special care for the modelling phase.
CENTAUR, (1994) Car sculpture with a chassis like a bridge, while driving you can see the external parts of the car as well as the environment.
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CITROEN V, (Ville et Voyage 1992/1994) Car to run in cities and during long journeys with the family, cable steering column for left, right or central driving to drive anywhere in the world!
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VIS A VIE, (1992) Vehicle bipolar, between a car and a motorbike to be driven alone or attached…
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AUDI Aluminium model 1993 central driving position
LAND ROVER Defender for Africa, (1992) Active central driving position and central chassis, semi amphibious car.
Honda vélo + (2002) Bicycle with little engine and batteries
NEW MINI Rover proposal (1991) Modular chassis with luggage or batteries
v BOATS, ARCHITECTURE, JEWELLERY, GRAPHIC DESIGN. design experience in boat, jewellery, architecture… from concept sketch to the final product